Batch converting Images for ACES tool

Hello, thanks for your feedback !
Yes it is planned to support single-channel maps (in fact it was a non-intentionnal “feature”)
Yes Utility-Raw -> ACEScg means no transformation(but you can apply an ODT/transfer function)

I plan to rewrite the whole thing to create something more flexible with more options for exporting importing and such. So the next update might just be for tx and single channel.

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Hi Liam,

Great tool! Just to get some clarity on what you just were mentioning. If I output to 32bit linear exr out of substance and I want to convert displacement, metal, roughness, to Utility RAW, do I use this workflow. It seems for those maps I consistently get an error:
“ERROR - Error in conversion: buf_rgb: set_pixels error: buffer is wrong size (expected 1x8192x8192x1, got total 201326592)”

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Hi @triyasat,

Those happen commonly if an image with incorrect channels count/shape is passed. The code might need some checks for that. Your image here is 8k with 3 channels by the look of it.



As mentioned by Thomas this I a bug in my code that make the use of single-channel image not supported. I didn’t bother fixing it for the launch (really not a good idea ! ) as the tool was designed for colorspace conversions and thus need color-data and not achromatic image like single-channel ones.

So for now you don’t need to convert your displacement, normal, … as they are not color maps but scalar/data ones.

Thanks for reporting this !

Thank you both!

“So for now you don’t need to convert your displacement, normal, … as they are not color maps but scalar/data ones.”

Do you mean in general? I have been watching different videos where people are converting displacement, metal and other scalar maps to Utility RAW (in Nuke). Is this unnecessary? Are only color maps needed to be converted for a correct 3D workflow?

Thanks and apologies if this is a obvious question. I’m trying to wrap my head around all if this :slight_smile:

Have you tried to compare your original image and the one “converted” with utility-raw ?

Result Spoiler:

They will look exactly the same cause they are, Utility-Raw means “no-operation” so you are in fact not converting anything. So this videos are kinda wrong and yes you only need to convert colors maps.

Hopes this will be clear for you !

Thank you Liam. I did try and indeed did not see a difference which confused me. Thanks again for clearing that up!

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Hi. There’s any future upgrade including export to TIFF 16bit?


I decided to rewrite the whole to get something more flexible for ImageProcessing in general.
This make take a lot of time cause i don’t have much for now !

So yes i hope that in this future version you will be able to output any format.