Best On-Set dailies / grading system for ACES?

I’m looking to an invest in an “On-Set” software package that can be used to view ACES material and then can be used to render proxies with Looks baked in for later editing. Is there a general consensus amongst ACES users as to which is the best (most compatible / most feature rich) On-Set software to use with ACES? Thanks!

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I think that this is something that depends on the scale of the job/budget.

At a lower budget/simple level the Resolve gives you all you need.

Personally I like Prelight/Daylight

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I´m also trying to sort this out and i will start with Pomfort Live Grade Pro as it can handle grading in ACES on set. I haven´t tried it with ACES yet though but it seems promising. Pomfort software works good for DIT and dailies with for example Silverstack Lab which we are going to try now. I think it has to be used together with Livegrade Pro to create looks to send to color though. I think Pomfort is a partner with the Academy actually.

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About a general consensus I don’t know. I can recommend Pomfort Silverstack Lab for management and dailies creation and a combination of DaVinci Resolve (creating luts beforehand) and Live Grade (grading live) for the whole workflow. It is easy to keep track of (or make adjustments to) all your data, especially look-files, so to speak, that are specifically related to certain shots and so on.

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Thanks for the information everyone. I’ll look into the Pomfort’s and Live Grade tools. Does anyone have experience with the Assimilate’s Scratch toolset? I used the V1 release about 10 years ago at a film restoration lab in NYC and I know the interface fairly well. I heard the Scratch tools have some new on-set dailies capabilities now.

I’m not very familiar with Scratch but I’m pretty sure that it is mostly for finishing.

And as others have mentioned, budget is a factor. You’ll need Silverstack Lab to really process dailies and don’t get me wrong, it does it extremely well, but it has a yearly cost of $899. Then if you need Live Grade capabilities thats an additional cost. And thats just software costs, you’d need to spend some more on hardware too.

Resolve can handle LUT creation as well as an ACES workflow. It isn’t nearly as feature rich as Silverstack Lab, but it’s free. Plus if you pop for the studio version for $300, you could do live grade in Resolve. Still more hardware costs with that.

A third option could be MTI’s Cortex if you’re willing to do “Near-Set” and don’t need any sort of live grade features. Hope this helps!