Best Practice ODT options for grading ACES to DCI-P3


I have a question about the difference between the P3 output device transforms.

If my projector is calibrated to DCI P3 2.6 gamma (0.314 0.351) at 48nits and I am grading a project in ACES (cct) which of the ODT options is it best to use? P3-D60, P3-DCI (D60 sim) or P3-DCI (D65 sim)? My instinct would say P3-DCI (D60 sim), but arguably there shouldn’t be a need to simulate a different white point from DCI, if that is what my projector is set to.

Am I missing something here? Now that the ACES pipeline is more established is there a best practice option that people are finding themselves using?


My advise is to recalibrate your projector to D60 or D65.
The Green White Point is really only causing headache…

Hi Daniele,

Thanks for your response. My concern about recalibrating is that we then won’t be grading to the spec that most will be watching to as this is a cinema grade.

Is there a workaround in this case?

That is a misconception.

The DCP is encoded in yet another white point (CIE E).
Also the green white point is called DCI White point it has actually little to do with the DCP. It is just a verification target, nothing more.

Have a look here:

I explain the subject in the context of Truelight Colour Spaces but the general situation is applicable to any software/workflow.