Blackmagic 4.6k 14bit workflow in Aces

Hi, I’m new to ACEs, now I have footage from Blackmagic 4.6K 14bit.
Do I have to make it a 16bit DPX in order to work in Aces or I can just directly work with raw14bit footage?
What’s the best workflow/best setting for Blackmagic 4.6K 14bit raw in ACEs?


It you’re using Resolve you can go ahead and just work with the raw footage. If not you must convert them to open exr in ACES AP0 (no idt or odt when converting to open exr half float uncompressed).

DPX will not work as a “conversion” codec for ACES.


Resolve works very well, have done it with 2,5 k sensor and 4,6 k sensor dng files.