Blender / NUKE ACES

I added OCIO in blender, my RGBA render is perfect when I open the exr in Nuke but the color passe are completly satureted.
This is the render in Blender and the render in Nuke (both are matching)

The issue is with the passes:

The OCIO is the same in blender and Nuke: Screenshot - 2d4dbcce6c123d6f4c6e31846464e024 - Gyazo
If someone can give me an advice.

Hi @sebastien.levieux ,

I quickly checked on my side with a simple scene. I don’t experience your problem.
Would you be so kind and setup a simple test scene and send some more screenshots?

Or take mine: (just a cube and a plane) :slight_smile:



Ho Daniel, Thank you for you help!
This the new setup in blender (the same as you did)

but i can’t includ link in my post… that not crazy? (just add the “h” on my link)


In Nuke is terrible now:

to the Nuke setup:
You need to set the colorspace for a non-color render pass to “utility-raw”. ACEScc is not the right choice, as this is a log encoding for grading applications.

did you try my setup. For me it was working fine between Blender & Nuke.

Yes, i try it, with the REC709, something else?

Hi @sebastien.levieux ,

I took another scene (from the Blender & ACES setup article and rendered a multipass EXR and loaded it into Nuke. I still can’t replicate your problem.
Did you figured it out yet?

Best regards,