Blue Light Artifact Fix

When rendering an object with raw colors set to pure blue (0,0,1) on the albedo, as the exposure increases it will go towards majenta rather than white. This is the case in Maya whether using SynColor or OCIO (aces 1.1).

I see there is a look color space called “Blue Light Artifact Fix” which when I use into in a OCIO color space node in Nuke (in:ACEScg out:BlueFix) with the OT set to raw appears to fix this.

What would be the proper way to use this blue fix look? How can I attach it to different display transforms as needed (sRgb, p3, etc.)

Also I understand that in the context of film and VFX this kind of electric blue light would be quite rare, thus this being a “fix” for the rare cases where one has blue light in a shot.

However in the context of CG animation where one may have very saturated colors (think Lego Movie or Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2) would it be advisable to have this blue light on as a LMT all the time since in this context (i.e. the context of a very saturated cartoon world)?