BMPCC highlights clipped and show weird halation kinda stuff

I’m grading a feature in ACES and in some clips where the highlights are clipped it shows border of clipped colors around the clipped highlights

While grading in YRGB pipeline it doesn’t happens.
Anything I might be doing wrong?

It should be easily fixed. Not sure what software you use, but in resolve there is a CLF you can add in the media pool to fix this (called neon_supression or something similar)

More info here

I’ve already tried Neon Suppression but that doesn’t solves the issue and I’m on Resolve.

Without having the frame to experiment with, it’s difficult to say definitively how to fix it. However, I agree with @colin that it’s likely fixable with the ‘LMT - Neon Suppression’ CLF.

Did you apply the CLF via the contextual menu in the Media Pool? If so, you should see an improvement.

Or, did you apply it via a node on the Color tab? If you used a node, you must make sure you convert to ACES AP0 linear in order to apply it correctly. So chain a Color Space Transform node to convert [ACES (AP1), ACEScct]->[ACES, linear], the CLF in a node, then another Color Space Transform node to convert [ACES, linear]->[ACES (AP1), ACEScct].

(Or, I think you can change the “Process Node LUTs in” drop-down menu in Project Settings > Color Management to “ACES AP0 Linear” - but only if you’re not doing any other grading that would expect ACEScct)

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