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Hi everybody,
I’m writing my bachelor theses about ACES and I’m looking for some book or similar sources.

Thanks for the help

Hi Reto,

Thanks for your question and interest in ACES. This forum should be a great resource for you!

I’m seconding your request for the ACES Community to come up with some titles/resources they value!

While we can’t endorse any book or tool, I’ll kick it off by mentioning a couple that have come across my desk and you can see if they’re appropriate for your needs.

Chapters on ACES:
Colour Reproduction in Electronic Imaging Systems: Photography, Television, Cinematography

The VES Handbook of Visual Effects: Industry Standard VFX Practices and Procedures

Here are some SMPTE resources:
The Academy Color Encoding System: Standards for Digital Image Interchange, Color Management and Long-Term Archiving

ACES 1.0 Theory and Practice - Webcast

Color Grading with Color Management

This may be of Interest as a general background:



PS to the Community, we discourage overtly commercial posts so please recommend without ‘selling’…thanks!

For a high-level treatment, there are chapters in

10th Edition of
(paperback also available.)

2nd Edition of


an expensive option is the technical textbook,
Color Management Textbook

which has some references relative to ACES (and the background color science) but the info can be found elsewhere. (or check the library)

and generally, all of the details are at

[] (

There are other sources on the net too, but this is a starting point.