Canon C300 MkII, ACES, and the RRT and ODT

For an upcoming project, I am considering the C300 MkII. Since we are on a
tight budget (as always) with a fair amount of VFX work, ACES is appealing
for a smooth interchange in post. We would be looking at internal recording
rather than an external raw recorder, again for budgetary reasons.

From the research I’ve done, the C300 MkII can output ACESproxy10 data via
its SDI terminals but the RRT and ODT seems to be the responsibility of the
downstream consumers. We likely won’t be able to have afford a DIT on set
to live grade or have Canon’s reference monitor.

What is the best way to preview the RRT and ODT on set? My first instinct
is to look at a lutbox such as the Terradek Colr and roll a lut that takes
ACESproxy10 in and applies the RRT and ODT. Are there any other options?

Sony seems to offer both ACESproxy10 and an (ACESproxy10 + RRT + Rec709
ODT) output.


Andrew Hunter
Toronto, Canada

Hi Andrew,

From my experience, Pomfort’s Livegrade software works well in ACES grading mode and allows you to output 3D LUTs as files or directly to a supported device.

You might try looking at that workflow if you have not already. Here is a link to Pomfort’s support page:

Hope this is helpful.

Rohan Chitrakar
Los Angeles, CA

Like you mentioned, Sony has special LUTs for the F5 and F55 that provide ACESproxy and RRT/ODT_Rec709.

They even factor in the ISO settings which is normally not the case with custom LUTs.
I don’t know how they do it, but it works :slight_smile:

So I would definitely look at that, as it saves the hassle of another device.

More information is here: