CLF spec - in person meet up

Scott and I are going to kick off the revision of the CLF specs by meeting at the Pickford center Tuesday July 16th from 2pm to 5pm. Let us know here if you are interested in joining either in person or virtually (goToMeeting).

Hi JD, I’m interested in participating in the meeting on the 16th via web. Sorry I was unable to attend the meeting today. I’ll also try to follow up on some of the other CLF threads here in the coming days.



I can make it in person! Apologies for missing the two phone meetings - I have been on set.

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Still good for Pickford tomorrow?

Yep. You’re on the visitor list. All the conference rooms were booked so we’ll be meeting in the area outside the imaging lab. 2pm.

@doug_walker (or anyone else), we’ll use the regular VWG meeting and dial-in info for you to join

Hi Scott, I’m logged into GoToMeeting 241-798-885, is that the right one? (No one is there at the moment.)