CLF Spec Revision VWG Meeting #4 - Tuesday 8/13/19 9am PDT

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Reminder of tomorrow’s fourth meeting of the CLF Spec Revision Virtual Working Group :
Tuesday, August 13th, 2019
9am - 9:45am PDT (Los Angeles time / UTC-07:00)

Update: The original plan for spec revision was a minor update to simply add in the new nodes and clarify a few points. Once really digging into the document editing, it appeared (to me, at least) that the existing spec is trying to do too much in terms of scope. Rather than modify the existing document, I have been building up a new version - focusing the scope on the Common LUT Format only. Any user-oriented “helpful” statements will still have a place, just not in this particular document. We will discuss on the call tomorrow.

Agenda: Agenda CLF VWG 08-13-19.pdf (73.1 KB)

Reminder : For this phase, we have prescheduled bi-weekly meetings in an attempt to keep momentum and enable participants to better anticipate when meetings will be happening. The planned dates for upcoming meetings:

  • Meeting #5: August 27th, 9am PDT