CLF Spec Revision VWG Meeting #5 - Tuesday 8/27/19 9am PDT

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Reminder of tomorrow’s meeting of the CLF Spec Revision Virtual Working Group:

Tuesday, August 27th, 2019
9am - 9:45am PDT (Los Angeles time / UTC-07:00)

Due to other priorities, I have not had time to finish the draft revision, so I expect this call to be fairly brief. We will discuss some of the sections during the call but I expect to schedule a follow-up “working meeting” for those interested and able to participate (similar to the last time that Greg, Doug, JD, and myself met to dissect the document).

Agenda CLF VWG 08-27-19.pdf (65.1 KB)

For this phase, we had prescheduled bi-weekly meetings in an attempt to keep momentum and enable participants to better anticipate when meetings will be happening. Of course, we have now exceeded the original planned window of dates for meetings but will continue until finished. We will discuss trying to set a “final” call at the end of tomorrow’s meeting.


Thanks to all who joined today.

The meeting recording, a brief summary of discussion points and action items are now available on the ACES CLF VWG Workspace.

I am currently searching old Basecamp threads and will begin a new thread for continuing the Range Node discussion. (If someone wants to beat me to it, don’t wait for me!)