CLF Spec Revision VWG Meeting #6 - Tuesday 9/17/19 9am PDT

Separate announcement of tomorrow’s impromptu-ish meeting of the CLF Spec Revision Virtual Working Group :

Tuesday, September 17th, 2019
9am - 9:45am PDT (Los Angeles time / UTC-07:00)

Agenda CLF VWG 09-17-19.pdf (52.9 KB)

This is to make up for the confusion last week. As usual, the meeting will be recorded and summarized for those who are unable to dial-in.

We will be discussing these two items:

Range Node

Alpha channel processing

And, for convenience, the instructions for the GoToMeeting are pasted again below:

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Meeting was lightly attended (as anticipated) but productive conversation was had. No final decisions were made but good points were made and we want to allow others to weigh in.

The alpha channel conversation will be continued here on ACES Central.
A proposed change to the Range node will be shared which hopefully will satisfy the concerns with the equations in that section of the document.
Specific follow-up on those two items will be posted on their respective threads.

I will be doing my best to summarize the key points as best I can for those who are unable to listen to the entire recording.

Meeting Information (summary bullet points in progress - awaiting meeting transcription…)