Color Management: OCIO & ACES in AE 2023 by Provideo Coalition

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Thanks to Chris Zwar and Provideo Coalition for this article and video on ACES support in Adobe’s After Effects: Color Management: OCIO & ACES in AE 2023 This is an add on to his previous, very detailed article and video introduction to ACES: Color Management Part 12: Introducing ACES

While I can of course appreciate his efforts to put out this content I think there are two points that he didn’t adress properly.

  1. In his IDT example for a Rec.709 source he uses Gamma 2.4 Rec.709 - Texture and claims that it looks correct. In compositing context this is a lot more nuanced and with the use case he presents (fire stock footage), picking the inverse ODT was probably a more suitable option.

  2. In his render settings he again presents an example where you bake the ODT for preview/finishing but picks Gamma 2.4 Rec.709 - Texture as the output rather than a display transform.

His video starts with a title mentioning “Unscripted” but it would’ve been nice to do it with a bit more preparation and care :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Shebbe for reviewing and commenting. Community input and discussion is exactly why ACESCentral exists and why you and others who are here are so helpful and important.

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