Color Shift With Optimized Media in Davinci Resolve on Aces Project Level Color Management

H i All,

Just looking for confirmation or info if this is a known Resolve issue when working in Aces at the project level. We have a show that is conformed in resolve with a mix of raw Xocn and vfx shots returned to us as exr’s. The show is managed at the project level in Aces 1.3. We were having some playback issues and decided to optimize all the media asscociated with this project. After doing the optimization we noticed a color shift in the optimized media. Its not that subtle either… I went through every setting in the project and raw palette and couldnt get rid of the shift. This problem seems very repeatable across any aces shows if optimized media is generated. Anyone else have this issue, any known fix or is this just a massive oversite at Blackmagic? again, the shift is in the optimized media that is generated but only appears as a shift in an aces project. If you use resolve color management there is no shift.

To clarify, this issue seems to only happen to raw media in the timeline. Frame sequences and wrapped files don’t seem to exhibit this issue…

Project lead color management in Resolve has always been questionable… I recall others having similar issues on RCM side. The main quirk is that you don’t have control over what optimized media means apart from choosing the codec/fileformat, not color space. You also can’t decide how the IDT for that media functions compared to the source. Perhaps for raw files that’s where it gets messy.

You could try DNxHR 4444 (supports HDR) or uncompressed and see if the issue lies somewhere there.

Thanks Shebbe, unfortunately this issue occurs when any codec is selected. Our default codec is DNxHR 4444 for our Linux systems. This issue does not exist when project wide management is set to Resolve Color Management. The optimized media is "supposed’ to be generated from the raw file according to however the raw palette is setup (and the optimized media tab in project setup) for that particular camera. It’s supposed to be completely independent of color management so that the management can be changed even after the media is created. It seems there is any issue in there somewhere though… Thanks for the response. I think it’s an actual bug.

It is possible that the bit depth of the optimised media is causing the problem. ACES linear depends on being 16bit float, but your optimised media (any codec) does not support that. In such cases we would use ACES proxy, rather than ACES linear, but that is not an option in Resolve. I have not tested your particular issue, but I am familiar with the problems of interchanging ACES 2065 as anything but .exr files. Hope it helps a bit.


We were able to get it to the right people at Black Magic and they were able to replicate the issue. They said “we are sending this to the dev team”.

Thanks for your responses guys…