Colorfront ExD to Resolve Mismatch

I have a question regarding a mismatch between screens between Colorfront Express Dailies and DaVinci Resolve. This might happen between other applications as well and that´s why I post my question here.

I work within the Colorfront Engine which is ACES based, and the source is Alexa LogC in ProRes. Im doing a grade in ExD and then I export the file into an EXR. The way understand it, the EXR contains a file which is in ACECcc. Now, when I open that file in Resolve with an IDT set to ACECcc and an ODT set to rec709 for final grade, I want the image I see on the screen in Resolve to look the same as it does in ExD, but it doesn’t.

The image in Resolve has a slightly higher contrast, more color and a tint towards red, compared to the image in ExD. This bugs me a bit since I can not figure out why. If I have the wrong settings in Resolve or if it a difference in the viewer between the two. Or is the problem in the IDT of Resolve?

Kristian Krebs

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