Context Variable within Colorspace working in Nuke but not in Maya or Houdini

Hello ACES Team. I am in the process of authoring a config based off the ACES 1.2 config and i am running into some issues inside of Maya and Houdini (renderman). Has anyone had any luck with context variables within a colorspace?

  • !
    name: Input - CameraSpace
    family: “Input”
    equalitygroup: “”
    bitdepth: 32f
    description: |
    camera space based on context
    isdata: false
    allocation: uniform
    from_reference: ! {src: ACES - ACES2065-1, dst: $SHOT_CAMERA_SPACE }

This colorspace is being referenced in a role camera_space: Input - CameraSpace which in turn is referenced in looks. This config works as expected inside of nuke but as soon as I introduce the Input - CameraSpace colorspace into the camera_space role the image goes super dark in houdini and maya.

Let me know if you need any other information.

Thanks in advance.

We’re continuing the discussion in the following OpenColorIO GitHub issue:

Upshot so far is –

  • OCIO apparently supports string expansion in ColorSpaceTransform arguments (news to me!). The following syntax is valid:
    !<ColorSpaceTransform> { src: ACES - ACES2065-1, dst: $SHOT_CAMERA_SPACE }
  • …but the config seems to behave as expected only in Nuke-12.

For more news as it breaks, come join the discussion on GitHub.