Converting CR2 to ACEScg

I would like to use ACEScg based HDR images as well as process CR2 as ACEScg via the command line.

My issue is that using rawtoaces the results I get are really strange and seems it only writes ACES (archive format) but I would like to export ACEScg inside an EXR file.

Is there anyone using this workflow (i know some will see it as heresy but there are reasons for me to pursue this approach)


Hey Jordi,

I suppose you have tried dcraw? I haven’t yet been able to make a comparison between that and rawtoaces.


Hi Jordi,

We’ve had success using the command line version of “crw2dpx” from to generate ACEScg EXRs.

This can be requested from the developer.

“For use on render-farms or similar environments I can provide a command-line version of crw2dpx. It comes with additional support for 12bit, 16bit and 32bit float DPX files, 12bit TIFF and allows any combination of transfer curve and color space. Addtionally, it can also process Nikon NEF files from a limited range of cameras.”