Create an ODT for Rift CV1?

I’m doing a lot of color correction work in ACES (in Mistika Boutique) for the Meta Quest 2. Is there someone I could talk to here about developing an ODT for “Rift CV1”? I wear my headset as I grade and would like an option to do scene-referred grades.

Per the Oculus Developer documentation.

Rift CV1
This is Oculus Rift’s unique color space. It is the preferred and default color space for the PC VR runtime even when using the Rift S. It uses the following average specifications:
Approximately between Adobe RGB and DCI-P3 gamut, D75 whitepoint
CIE 1931 xy color-primary values:
Red : (0.666, 0.334)
Green: (0.238, 0.714)
Blue : (0.139, 0.053)
White: (0.298, 0.318)