Data (Normal/Roughness) texture conversion clarification

Is it necessary to convert Data textures (Normal/Roughness etc) to ACES exrs using Utility - Raw? I’m using Renderman so I convert all my sRGB colour textures to ACEScg with Utility - sRGB - Texture before then converting them to tex for rendering. Can I just convert my data textures to tex without first converting them to ACES exrs?

Welcome Daniel,
No you didn’t need to convert scalar map. When you are using Utility-Raw you specify to the software to not apply any conversion, so if you let say “convert” textures in Nuke with “utility-raw” and export them, you will not see a difference.

But you must be sure that your render engine (or the tool used to convert to tex)doesn’t apply any unwanted transformation.

Could you maybe specify the software you are using ?

Thanks Liam. That’s as I thought then. I’m using Renderman in Houdini so I’ll have to check to make sure it respects the raw colourspace and isn’t applying any transform (I’m fairly sure it doesn’t apply one).