Davinci Reslove Color Sceince :RCM vs ACEScct

Hi, everyone,
first off all thank you all here for providing great support and thoughts inside this site, it is great help for newbie like me.
after a lot of readings here and in other sites, :ok_hand:
I start to feel I’m on the way of understanding and implementing the ACES as a pipeline in my post workflow. but still a lot to learn. :nerd_face:
my question here is :
what is the Difference between selecting Resolve Color Management and ACEScct inside the color Science?

I have a frame of a ColorChecker inside the timeline, switching the color management doesn’t do different in the picture, but a bit in the scopes (maybe slightly in the gamma, not 100% sure).

I hope I had explained my self clearly.
would love to hear your opinions :v:

RCM as you have it set up there includes no tone mapping. While this won’t show up on a ColorChecker, with images including values above diffuse white (e.g. light sources or speculation highlights) RCM will simply clip at diffuse white. ACES has a tone mapper to roll off the highlights, as well as a few appearance “tweaks”. Diffuse white is dropped below 1.0 to make space for the highlight roll-off.

You can do something similar with the tone and gamut mapping options in RCM. However, while the processing done by ACES is openly published, and replicable in many apps, RCM’s mappings are proprietary and unpublished, and if you choose the RED IPP2 mapping, this can only be replicated using LUTs from RED. Their maths is unpublished.

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Like always a great help.

I am asking this question because of the Pocket 4k/6k.

in the Settings with RCM tone mapping and saturation mapping on, I see the best result for the Braw footage. as there is no IDT for these cameras in ACES, I try to use the Color science of Blackmagic, which has pocket 4k/6k inside its Input color space. instead of using DCTL inside of the ACEScct management.
the question is if I use the RCM method, is it then an ACES Pipeline? can I use LMT here?

No. If you use the RCM approach you are not using ACES.

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