Does ACES support Dolby Vision workflows?

I recently did Dolby Vision with DaVinci Resolve’s ACES and found no ODT for Dolby Vision Cinema version P3-D65 ST2084 (108nits). For this reason, I asked Blackmagic Design if I could add ODT for P3-D65 ST2084 (108nits) But the reply is ACES does not support Dolby Vision, so come to verify whether ACES really does not support Dolby Vision

ACES has been used with the Dolby Vision projector and does support it.

However, in v1.0.3, there is currently no officially released ODT for P3D65 ST2084 108nits, which is why Blackmagic has not built it in to Resolve. This transform requires an ODT tonescale that differs from the existing 48-nit, 1000-nit, 2000-nit and 4000-nit tonescales provided in ACES v1. The 108-nit tonescale that has been used for Dolby Vision is “experimental-level official” only. Implemenation-wise, workflows that have used ACES w/ the experimental Dolby Vision ODT have baked the CTL into a LUT for insertion into Resolve.

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thank you
That P3-D65 ST2084 108nit ODT, what time is expected to be added to v1.0.3,
Is there any good solution available for use in the unpublished period of time?