Dumbo and ACES

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Thanks to VFX Voice for discussing Dumbo’s use of ACES.

“Production utilized the ACES [Academy Color Encoding Specification] pipeline, which incorporated a film-emulation show LUT favored by cinematographer Davis. “The whole delivery process from the original pulls, to Pinewood Digital [for dailies], editorial and back to DI is working very well,” reports Stammers. “There are a lot of seamlessly shared shots where Framestore created backgrounds that MPC put their Dumbo into, and other shots involving either or both of them and Rodeo FX. Having a robust pipeline is essential when you’re taking something like this on.” Stammers also relied upon an in-house VFX team that tackled various scenes in concert with other vendors, which included Rising Sun Pictures in Australia, Atomic Arts in London and Germany’s RISE.”

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Another mention that ACES was used on Dumbo: