Early Spring short film


I did grading for short film called “Early Spring” It plays around youngsters fighting their boredom and insecurity and some maybe killing one of them. Here i have some screenshots of it for you to see. I left the suspense part out of the stills as i do not give away all the things in film as it is still in festivals.

Director’s: Rain Tolk, Gustaf Boman Bränngård
DOP: Madis Reimund
Colorist: Margus Voll, C.S.I.

It was shot on Arri Amira with vintage EKRAN Lenses.
All was graded in Resolve V14 Beta 4 with ACEScc colorspace. Delivery in 2k Scope DCP.

For me the most interesting bit was how director approached colors: “Just take the story and make it what you feel the story is to you” Later we just did some very microscoping adjustments of few shots and all was done.
One of the ideas was to have it “depressing” but in the nice way. Usually people say that ACES is very print like and saturated etc but it does not have to be.


nice understated look…lots of ‘feeling’ there…think you got it! Thanks for sharing.

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very nice and subtle colors indeed. :+1:

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Thank You!

It was nicely shot so it was rather easy for me to grade as well.

Really liking this, nice job :ok_hand:

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