Export out an ACES CG colourspace as EXR in Avid Media Composer 2022

Hey All,

My company is working with a GFX company that asked us if we have the capability to export EXRs in avid for them.
I’ve read and confirmed that avid in fact can export EXR files however it seems it’s limited to only 4 color spaces as the output

Is there a way to get ACES CG as the output in media composer? and or does anyone have experience with the workflow around avid and using aces cg?

Any feedback or advice greatly appreciated.


Hey Amir,

I’m not an AVID user but a quick guess is that perhaps AVID’s color management needs to be set to ACES first? Then make sure the source files have the proper IDT assigned and maybe then you’re able to export EXRs to ACEScg and/or ACES 2065-1.

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