Film Scan Manufacturers IDT problems

Hi everyone, I would like to have some help bacause I’m trying to get my color films scanned within the AMPAS-IIF specification. But all the manufacturers that I have questionned do not know this standard and use very diferent setup from ADP. And the other problem is that they do not offer an IDT to convert from their spectral conditions defining the printing density to an ADP compatible metric. Do you know of any company that understand the AMPAS-IIF and offer an IDT to get a resulting ADX color space input.

Maybe I do not understand enough about this topic, so if you think I get it all wrong and should go with the manufacturers specifications and manage the tonal respond by hand in the color grading process, let me know. But to be honest IIF exist since 2004 and it is a bad surprise to see the few european film scan manufacturers not even knowing any of that.

I love ACES and IIF. I would love to know so much more about it. Thank you for your answers.

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