First Gamut Compression Implementation meeting coming up!

Hello All!

Hope you are staying healthy and as happy as possible. @matthias.scharfenber, @nick & myself are happy to say we are ready to start working towards implementation for the Gamut Compression Algorithm work we’ve been shepherding over the last year.

Many of you are already very familiar with the work done thus far, but here’s the state of things:

Technical Documentation (why we did what we did, and how we did it)

Github Repo (current and past iterations of the code)

Architecture Group Dropbox Paper (all the details and research done)

We have reached out to a few companies and/or software applications that we believe are critical to the success of this problem space, and we’d like to collaborate with them and the ACES community (of which there is a ton of overlap) to 1) work through technical integration details and 2) figure out workflow details to give users and projects the best ACES experience possible.

Here is the proposal for implementation we submitted to ACES Leadership.

We are hoping to spend the first few weeks of meetings on overall implementation details that pertain to all applications and parts of the filmmaking process. We also hope to spend a week on User Stories - we have results from the testing we did in the Architecture group, as well as instances since then where VFX artists or Colorists have been using the test implementations on our GitHub.

We then hope to devote weeks to specific applications, where all attendees might not need to be present (though they will be welcome) to talk through technical, UI/UX, and other details pertinent to specific applications.

Our plan is to use the same meeting cadence as the Architecture group, alternating times to be as timezone friendly as possible - but we welcome group input here. We cannot do this work without the support of your software, and we will work to accommodate time zones etc to the best of our ability. Our proposal is:

Thursday, April 1 @ 9:30am PT (UTC-8) / 5pm GMT (UTC+0)

Thursday, April 8 @ 5pm PT (UTC-8) / 9am SGT (UTC+8)

And alternating in the same fashion from then on. Once we move into specific applications, we might alter cadence to fit the needs of attendees. You should now see the invites on the ACES calendar.

Please let us know if these times will not work for you & your teams, and possible alternatives. We are also here to answer any questions around the architecture work done prior to the meetings starting up.

Thanks everyone!

-Carol, Matthias, and Nick