First Meeting Recap - Gamut Mapping

Thanks everyone for attending our first meeting yesterday! It was great to have so many experienced & brilliant people join. We just wanted to recap a few points from the first call and start the discussion in a few areas:


This VWG is tasked with examining the existing gamut definitions and explore gamut mapping approaches within the ACES system. We believe that for ACES to be a go-to solution for a wide range of productions and for a long time to come, the solutions we pursue need to be independent of cameras and other input devices, though obviously informed by them. Therefore, while IDTs may be pertinent to the group, the solutions should not depend on IDTs. Similarly, solutions in the output render spaces may be related, but are also not the focus of this group.


In the meeting, we put out a call for openly available reference imagery that fits one of two categories:

  • Demonstrates problem areas within the ACES system (out of gamut, clamping, etc)
  • Might be a good reference image with a range of colors/brightness/etc that could be used for generic testing

We’re working on getting a resting place for such imagery, but would appreciate any contributions from the community as we work out those details.


Matthias and I would like to propose alternating times every other week to accommodate different time zones. The expectation would be that participants join the call at the most convenient time for them - so a call every other week, and then listen to/read the transcripts here on ACES Central for the meeting in between. For pertinent information, we’d make sure we communicate at both meetings. Here is our proposed timing:

Starting February 20th:

Week A: Thursday @ 9:30am (UCAN, EMEA, LATAM friendly)

Week B: Thursday @ 5:00pm (APAC, NZ friendly)

Looking forward to the road we’ll map together (har har)

Here is the link to the Dropbox Paper site with the recording and transcript: