blog post: "Why Every Editor, Colorist, and VFX Artist Needs to Understand ACES"

Thanks to and author Ben Bailey for this great blog post: “Why Every Editor, Colorist, and VFX Artist Needs to Understand ACES”

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Hello there,

Thanks for sharing my article. I’ve been a lurker on ACES Central for a few months now, but today seemed as good a day as any to officially become a member.

Let me first say I am by no means an expert on ACES. I’ve been editing for about 14 years, but only started to dig into color management over the last year or so. A big chunk of the article’s information is from the ACES section in the Workflow Guide, which was contributed by the incredibly talented team at Mixing Light. If there are any inaccuracies in the article, please let me know and I will correct them. I want to learn as much as I can about ACES and create more educational content for the post-production community.

We’re eager to write more about ACES, and want to hear how others are using it in real-world workflows. If that sounds interesting to you, feel free to message me. Every new article we publish will raise awareness about ACES and help more creative pros adopt it faster.

Again, thank you for sharing my article here. I look forward to contributing to the community.



Welcome and thanks again for that article and your first post here! Hoping we’ll be able to stimulate some conversation and further awareness here and around the world about ACES use in all facets of different workflows.

ACES Admin