Getting Started with ACES in LiveGrade Pro

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Getting Started with ACES in LiveGrade Pro

Pomfort is an ACES Product Partner and is working with the Academy to ensure its products implement ACES according to Academy and SMPTE specifications.

The application LiveGrade Pro can be downloaded here.

Browse the Pomfort KnowledgeBase for detailed information about LiveGrade Pro. Learn more about working with ACES from the article Using the ACES CDL Grading Mode.

Step-by-Step: Using ACES with LiveGrade Pro

1: Open the application.
2: Go to the application preferences (Main Menu: “LiveGrade > Preferences…”) to set the ACES version for new looks.
3: Choose the Grading Mode “ACES CDL” by selecting it from the dropdown positioned on top of the grading interface next to the label “Look”.
4: Select the intended input and output transform for your setup depending on camera input and display output. That can be done inside of the IDT and ODT node of the grade controls.
5: You will now be able to preview and manipulate the image signal in the selected ACES working space.


For any topics or requests concerning Pomfort products working with ACES please contact

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We wanted to share updated information on getting started with ACES in LiveGrade Pro.

If you look for an entry point and general overview to start working with ACES and Pomfort products please visit:

More detailed documentation has been updated in the following articles in our KnowledgeBase: