Graded or non-graded. What is rendering to AP-0?

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Could rendering to EXR AP-0 from the grading session considered “non graded”? Wouldn’t the RRT be considered the biggest part of the look? Thus making a ACES AP-0 (with no RRT and no ODT) a non graded archive?

Or, do we consider this to be graded as soon as anything is applied to the images?


The non-graded archival master (NAM) is the starting point of the IDT generated ACES files
(sometimes with an exposure grade to just set the luminance scale correctly for ACES) So the ACES file in AP0 before shot by shot grading is the NAM. (so is an ACES file with linear offsets to deal with exposure so it looks correct with the RRT/ODT. But NOT if there are color/contrast/gamma adjustments.

The Graded Archival Master (GAM) is the output of a grading session (per shot). There can be incomplete versions of this where not everything is yet graded or have a non-final grade. SO technically the GAM is only on the delivery. Rendering to AP0 doesn’t mean anything from a grading perspective.

For details, see Netflix

Makes sense! @jim_houston: do you think there could be enough range in a GAM to remaster to a new standard?


I think the range is limited first by the camera range and then by whether it used CDL grading equations, or lastly if gamma was used which is range limiting. As color grading ops , lift and gain do not limit range so when reaching for maximum range try to restrict to just those two. (The RRT/ODT is generally assumed to limit range further based on what was chosen)


Very interesting! Thanks @jim_houston!