Grading tips and tricks / crash course


I am an all-round editor/compositor/grader, and just discovered the advantages of using ACES. It always gives me a nice starting point which ‘‘feels’’ consistent between the multiple camera’s we use. I’ve read most of the official aces documentation, and seen alot of posts/video’s on the web showing off their work. However, i’m having a hard time getting a nice ‘‘look’’. Is there a crash course somewhere on the web (paid or free), which can get me start going on creating some beautiful ACES-based images? I have a few years of experience with davinci resolve, so i prefer that, but if it is needed, i’m not shy of learning new software.


My main advice is to avoid using Lift Gamma Gain controls and use Offset,contrast and pivot.

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Hello @rickvdvulkaan,
I am not a frequent Resolve user myself and I have mostly done grading in Nuke (on ACEScct footage) and I find quite the opposite : my stuff mostly looks good with ACES out-of-the-box. Would it be possible for you to share some footage to see what issues you are facing ? “Look” can mean lots of things : contrast, saturation…