Hello everyone, would like to ask aces1.0-SDR Video(Srgb-Display) how the output is correct?

Hello, everyone, I am an aces rookie. In the new version of maya2022, aces1.0-SDR Video(Srgb-Display) is used by default. When I export EXR to NUKE, NUKE also uses aces1.0-SDR Video(Srgb-Display), but in WRITE NODE, there is no output SDR option in output transform. What should I do to output aces1.0-SDR Video(Srgb-Display)?


You may be interested in this: Exporting with output transforms with OCIOv2 configs - #9 by Derek

The way Nuke currently works doesn’t allow you to write including a display view transform from OCIO 2.x configs. With ACES 1.2 in OCIO v1 this wasn’t an issue because the target displays with view transform were defined as a color space.

Thank you for your answer. I appreciate it. I’ll try, but it’s hard. T.T

You can also use an OCIO Display transform before a Write node, and then set the Write node output to raw.

It work!!!Thank you so much!

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