Hello from the UK

Hi all,

Beginner Colourist here from the UK. I have graded short form contents on Black Magic Davinci Resolve using BMD’s Color Management tool.

However I was recommended to learn about ACES Color Management by my mentor. ACEScentral community seems very friendly and nice. I am in the process of learning everything about ACES Color management.

Just wanted to say hello and thank you to the brilliant community.

Many thanks,
Kiran Nembang

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Welcome, and thanks!
Looking forward to hearing more from you as things progress.


ACES Adoption/ACESCentral Admin

Welcome Kiran,
It will be useful to hear a beginner’s view of the good and bad with ACES. There are lots of answers here on ACES Central, and sometimes good solutions only become apparent when the right question is asked. So feel free to ask away.