Help me pls, HOW to put davinci resolve grade into fusion display lut as RRT

i’m new here,i use davinci resolve in ACES cct, i want to grade a base look as RRT put into fusion viewer lut,but i don’t know how to do. i try long time no result. who can help me ?

sorry maybe i need a custom LMT ,I’M new aces, what should i do?

Hi Ouye,

I’m not really sure what you mean by using a Resolve grade as an RRT as you can’t or are not really supposed to change ACES RRT as far as I understand. Perhaps you mean a DaVinci grade as an LMT (Look Modification Transform)?

If that’s what you want to do, there is a workaround to do that. Just bear in mind that as far as I know, Resolve’s colour management is not yet properly implemented in the Fusion inside Resolve so this is a workaround and it’s not perfect. Also, bear in mind that your grade needs to be a general look grade with no local adjustments such as power windows or keys.

Go to your Colour Page and select the clip with the grade you want to see inside Fusion. I’m assuming you have ACES active in the colour management tab and I’m going to assume you have ACEScct v1.1 and Rec.709 as your ODT, if your settings are different, just select different corresponding options on the steps below:

  1. Select the clip with your grade, right click on it and then select “Generate 3D LUT (CUBE)”. Save the LUT somewhere in your computer.
  2. Now go to the Fusion tab and right at the end of your node tree, just before the MediaOut node, create an ACES Transform Node.
  3. Set this node to ACES 1.1, Input Transform: ACEScg, Output Transform ACEScct
  4. Now create a FileLUT node after this one (and before MediaOut) and load the out that you saved on step number 1.
  5. Create yet another ACES Transform node after the FileLUT node and before your Media Out node.
  6. Set this node to ACES 1.1, Input Transform: ACEScct, Output Transform Rec.709
  7. Disable any viewer LUTs inside Fusion and Voila!

Your node tree should look something like this:

That’s it you can now work in Fusion monitoring your grade. Bear in mind that when you go back to the Colour Page you need to turn those nodes off otherwise you will be seeing your Fusion comp and then transform and look on top of transform and look.

Maybe someone out there has a better idea? This is the way I found to do it so far…

All the best,


o thank you!
your answer is a way ,but i want work in standalone fusion in ACES cgworkflow. I need viewerlut from DR15.

i‘m sorry my english poor, i mean i want create grade lut put into standalone fusion9.0.2 as a viewer lut. look this picture :

how to do it?

add ……
DR15.2 in aces cct timeline
but fusion9.02 in aces cg

Hi Ouye,
Unfortunately I don’t own the standalone fusion so won’t be able to help you there. Maybe someone else can chip in?