How to get the most from the ACES Community Forum

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We’ve organized this forum with the goal of helping you share questions and answers to specific ACES related questions and issues.

To get information about ACES system, go to ACES Info or ACES Resources and Education
To post questions and search for answers to other’s questions, go to Discussions

The Forum makes extensive use of tags so you can easily search for certain manufacturers, or topics by choosing from the pull down menu of tags. Similarly you can assign tags to your posts so others who are interested in the same topic can find and answer your questions.

There are a number of professionals from the industry who are well versed in ACES and we have designated them as “Mentors”. They have agreed to monitor the forum and help answer questions as their time and expertise allow. There are also representatives from many of the ACES Product Partner companies who also monitor the forum and do their best to help answer questions or point you in the right direction for answers.

Finally, please be polite, keep the conversation focused on ACES and filmmaking, don’t post 3rd party intellectual property you don’t have permission to post and avoid overtly commercial or sales oriented posts. (see the ACES Forum Rules and Guidelines post for a complete list).

We appreciate your participation and input in this forum, as well as your support for ACES!