How to properly color-manage ProRes and DNxHR in manual color management w. ACES?

Hi all,

I started diving a bit deeper into color management only recently and have settled on a manual approach, using pre/post-clip groups and various color space transforms. I avoid automation as much as possible (like project-level color management) to learn as much as I can.

Today I tested the camera’s low-light abilities by recording a few files internally as a_
h.265 compressed 10-bit 4:2:0 files, with f-log profile applied.

Just for the fun of it, I recorded the same number of files with exact same settings to my Atomos Ninja V recorder, as
DNxHR HQ encoded 8-Bit 4:2:2 no-profile applied files.

Once I got into Davinci, I realised that I do not know how to properly set-up color space/gamma curve for my DNxHR files. Are the Ninja files essentially Fuji signal (Rec2020, Gamma: F-log) encoded with a different codec into a different container?

The issue is that the image from the Ninja V looks signifficantly more contrasty, especially in the lower ISO ranges. I don’t know if this is to be attributed to me choosing the HQ (which is 8-bit) or something else is at play here.

Many thanks for all the replies!

P.S. If it matters, I hndle my CSTs like so:
pre-clip group Node 1: Rec2020 F-Log → Arri LogC, Node 2: Arri LogC → ACES cct
post-clip group: ACES cct to Rec.709

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You may want to try manually overriding the data levels in the clip attributes for the Ninja recordings. I suspect they may need to be set to Full.