IBC 2019 ACES VFX User Group - Slides


This is very much delayed, but I’d like to share the slides from the VFX User Group day with you all.

ACES _VFX_User_Group_Meeting_v2.pdf (2.5 MB)

It mostly contains notes on OCIO v2 development, as well as some explanatory slides of how the two are very powerful and useful to the ACES community.

I followed this with a discussion about IDTs and the difficulties of working with calibrated sensor data and the recommend AP1 working space for VFX. The main point being, IDTs created with 3x3 matrices are perfectly adequate for average colors, but produce large distortions at the cameras outer “spectral hull”. This is to re-affirm that calibrated cameras are still NOT colorimeters, and can produce valid camera responses that lay outside of the spectral locus and thus outside of ACEScg/AP1 (negative values).

This was intended to provoke conversation around the fitness of ACEScg for professional VFX whose principle goal is to integrate into camera-captured data, rather than pure colorimeteic data, and to give context to one of the sources of negative numbers in an ACES-based VFX workflow (there are other sources).