IDT for iPhones

Does anybody know where off to get IDT for iPhones 13/14 from or how to build and export into nuke with aces to be used on a plate.

Many thanks in advance.


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iPhone footage it’s usually recorded in a rec709 fashion (unless you have used an external app to record some sort of loge encoding). An inverse 709 IDT should be enough to bring your footage into ACES.

Could you explain how I would do that within nuke?

Or resolve

Many thanks


Sorry Luke, I’m not a Nuke user so I can’t be of any help there. I can explain how to do that in Resolve:
In the Project settings go to the colour tab and setup your project in “ACES colour managed” with the appropriate RRT revision for your show. In the same tab you can also setup an ODT.
Import your footage in the media pool and select all the relevant clips. Right click on them and navigate to the ACES IDT option in the menu. Select inverse rec709.
Unfortunately I can’t remember all the specific labels so some of them might differ from the ones I’ve used here (i.e. IDT might be labeled as input transform). But the process stays the same.

Would it work for rec2020 also

I’m not sure what you mean. Are you asking if you can output rec2020 from the ACES graded footage or if you can use the same IDT for rec2020 sources?

In the first case, selecting the relevant RRT+ODT you can output to whatever desired combination of colourspace/transfer function (I imagine you will want to perform your grading displaying with your output colourspace anyway, or at leat that would be my advice).
If it’s the latter instead, I’m afraid you won’t be able to do that as any combination of different primaries/transfer functions will require a different IDT to bring the footage in an ACES colourspace.
I can’t remember if Resolve has an inverse rec2020 IDT but I’m sure there is a way to get one somewhere online or on this forum. What you’re looking for is a DCTL like the ones at this address: