Jean-Michel Bihorel, CG artist using ACES

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Hey all,
happy new year and best wishes for 2021 !

To start this year with some beautiful images, I wanted to share the work of Jean-Michel Bihorel, probably one of the best CG image makers currently in France. JM has also created a school : Creative Seeds to direct some beautiful short films with his students.

And guess what ? All of his work is done using ACES ! Here is a handful selection of some of them (clips are very short, like a minute or so) :

And here is a beautiful and colorful short film from his school :

I recently talked with Jean-Michel about his work and ACES. Here is his testimony :

All of my latest work since the tiger is using ACES and all the short films at Creative Seeds are done with ACES as well. With our requirement level, I do not feel any limitation. Even though I am not an color expert. […] To be honest, I didn’t feel a gain in terms of color usage, at least I didn’t compare enough to feel it. This may be due to our monitors which are quite basic. On the other hand there is a clear gain in light energy/exposure which can be felt without making any comparison. And when I work using ACES in a project, I don’t feel any limitation either.

I hope you’ll enjoy his work,