Keying and compositing in after effects, problems rendering exr in ap0

Hi all.
I am working on a VFX project where we do chroma and digital composition, but I have problems when exporting, when I render, the output is configured in Exr preserving Rgb, the color space is set in ACES Academy Color Encoding Specification SMPTE ST, the problem occurs when importing the render in Baselight, the rendered material is recognized as CGI: linear / rec 709, but they tell me that the export should come out in ACES Linear / AP0.
Am I doing something wrong when rendering?
Is there a method to be able to render in AP0 and be recognized in Baselight?

Thank you.

I suspect you may have to manually override the input colour space in Baselight. Bear in mind that using OpenColorIO in After Effects exists outside After Effects’ colour management. So After Effects does not “know” that the image data it is writing is ACES2065-1. So it will tag it with its default assumed colour space for an EXR, which is linear Rec.709.

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