Let us know if you're working on an ACES show and we can list it!

ACES use has become so common, that people are using and enjoying it and we never hear about it (which is our goal BTW!)

However, we do keep lists of shows that finished in ACES and would love to list your show…you just have to either:

  1. add ACES to the color attributes in the IMDb listing of the show (How Can I Add My ACES Show to IMDB and ShotOnWhat)
  2. let us know here or let me know via DM so we can discuss if any questions

We currently consider a show as having used ACES if you encoded into ACES, remained in one of the ACES color spaces throughout DI and VFX and output using one of one of the ACES ODTs.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

Steve Tobenkin
ACES Adoption Lead

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