Linear sRGB render in Nuke ACES

I have some renders from VRAY that are done in linear sRGB. When importing to comp in Nuke that is set up for ACES the render way too dark. Is there a way to convert it somehow in Nuke so it displays like in regular sRGB workflow? Rerendering it is a bit too time consuming atm and I would prefer to leave it as a last resort option.

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before you start using a workflow like this I would suggest that you render in 3D some objects with known RGB values and check if you see the same values in Nuke. Just to check…

I had to work like this on a job a while back with renderings from Houdini/RedShift.
I guess you render EXRs from VRAY with highlight values way above 1.0 that you see in the render viewport as sRGB (with clipped highlights)

You load them into Nuke as linear-sRGB and view them through RRT&sRGB.
The result should be slightly darker, because the RRT tone maps the values differently than the standard Nuke sRGB viewer.
The result should be less saturated, because you map the sRGB primaries into the ACEScg gamut which is way bigger.

In my project I had to match in comp to a print reference so I needed to boost and alter the colors anyway and I didn’t got a finished look out of 3D. This would make it harder.

The last question - what is your advantage here to comp in ACES? Why not using the Nuke Default Colormanagement?



Hi, I don’t know if this helps as I have just recently seen it but haven’t explored it too much. I downloaded OpenColorIO-Configs-master and used the iocolorspace linear-sRGB in BMD fusion to read my Octane Linear-sRGB renders.

never mind, wrong post :slight_smile: