Links to ACES References in Real Time Engine and Video Game Uses

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Hoping to stimulate some conversation about ACES adoption in Video Game and Real Time engines. Found these links…what do people think? Have you had experience with ACES in these use cases?

ACES is in Unity documentation for color grading

ACES in in the Unreal documentation for color grading

More from Unity about Single State Tone Scale

ebook - Real Time Rendering 4th edition - By Tomas Akenine-Möller, Eric Haines, Naty Hoffman

Blogs, forums that mention ACES

Thanks to Thomas Mansencal for posting this:


Hey there @stobenkin I’m new here - joined from the Twitter ask about the hat :wink:

I worked with Aces at my previous jobs as a compositor and now I work in Games at 343 Industries, I’m also super excited about ACES in real time pipelines. Especially as real time and film become more integrated.

Here is a great GDC talk from the team at EA working on their proprietary “Frostbite” engine (Battlefield, Star Wars Battle Front, etc) where they discuss their engine’s colour and HDR pipeline. They briefly discuss ACES in the presentation and it’s an excellent overview of colour management in modern game engines.

I’m not allowed to include links in my posts, however if you search youtube for " High Dynamic Range Color Grading and Display in Frostbite" from the official GDC channel you can find the talk.

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Fantastic and welcome!

We are definitely interested in having people in the gaming/real-time engine world benefit from and contribute to the ACES community. Appreciate that link and we know Alex so maybe we can jump start this thread.
I’ll PM you as well


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Found this today… KINGDOM HEARTS III + Re Mind (DLC
acknowledging ACES use via their licensing attribution: SQUARE ENIX | The Official SQUARE ENIX Website - KINGDOM HEARTS III + Re Mind PC INSTALLER SOFTWARE AND ASSOCIATED PLUG-INS DISCLOSURE

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