List of software and hardware currently supporting CLF

I would like to keep a list of software and hardware supporting CLF. So far I have:

  • BlackMagic Resolve
  • ColorFront OSD and Transkoder
  • Autodesk’s SynColor (used within the Flame product family: Lustre, the Maya family, Arnold, VRED,…)

Also, if you can, please indicate if CLF is fully or partially supported (extra points for listing the missing parts).

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Hi JD,

Thank you for asking about our CLF support. While it may be simpler for manufacturers to implement their own proprietary LUT formats, the end-users ultimately pay the price via time wasted struggling to set up multi-vendor workflows. Our view is that a common well-documented specification such as CLF is a potential solution to that problem.

Autodesk has been a strong proponent of the Academy/ASC Common LUT Format. We introduced support for CLF version 1 in 2012 and then updated that support for CLF version 2 when the S-2014-006 spec was released with ACES 1.0.

We currently support CLF in a wide range of our products through a common color management library (SynColor). This is used in the Flame family of products, Lustre, the Maya family, Arnold, VRED, and others (to one extent or another).

We fully support all required features of S-2014-006. This includes all ProcessList operators (Matrix, Range, ASC_CDL, LUT1D, LUT3D). All specified bit-depths options are supported for reading elements in the CLF and for input/output pixel buffers. Internally we process as 32-bit float and may render on both CPU and GPU. We support the halfDomain and rawHalfs attributes of LUT1D and trilinear and tetrahedral LUT3D interpolation attributes. We support all specified Range and ASC_CDL processing styles. In a number of our applications, users may browse the Description strings and other metadata elements. If we encounter a user-generated CLF that cannot be read, our parser prints the line number and a description of the problem encountered in order to help them find the syntax error. We also support reading and lossless concatenation of multiple CLFs into a single ProcessList.

best regards,

Doug Walker



Thank you for your reply.