LMT info carried via .ale in Resolve

Hi ACES people,

Is anyone aware of a way to get the cube/LMT used in a Resolve onset DIT solution in to an .ALE to track through to editorial and then DI. It would only be a .cube and a single node for CDL grading per shot.

Silverstack includes the specific cube used on each shot on-set with the CDL info in the .ALE, but I can’t find a way of doing this in Resolve which seems quite a bit limitation.

Thanks all

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There certainly doesn’t seem to be any simple way to do it. You are right that exported ALEs only include CDL, not any LUT information. I think that some custom scripting would be needed to extract the LUT used on each shot.

But the Resolve scripting API includes setLUT and setCDL methods for TimelineItem, but no getLUT or getCDL methods. Perhaps somebody with more experience of Resolve scripting than me could give some insight into this.

I suspect you might need to try and read the information directly from the SQL database.

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