LMT vs "proxyLMT"


looking around the industry there are many LMTs floating around today, that were created using an alternative display rendering. Those LMTs are usually used to give the same look within the ACES pipeline (mostly for OnSet Work and VFX Previs). The problem is that most of them go through a SDR display space like 1886/709. So applying the LMT is maybe ok for SDR Previs then but not for final SDR and HDR Deliveries.

Maybe we could introduce a common name for this class of LMTs, that clearly shows that limitation - “ok for for previs only but should not be used for final renders”.

  • maybe something like proxyLMT or previsLMT.

What do you think?
I hope some of this makes sense?

I agree with you Daniele, and suspect that many people may not be aware of the potential range limitation that such LMTs may impose on their ACES2065-1 data. I think your suggestion of a name like “proxyLMT” (or similar) is a good idea.


good name proxyLMT
and how to make LMT from davinci resolve 15 to fusion/nuke 10 as a viewer LUT?
davinci resolve 15 timeline colorspace is aces cct but nuke/fusion is aces cg,
how to direct viewer lut pre grade(LMT) in fusion/nuke ?