LUT's that emulate the ACES workflow (repost)

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This is a repost for easy access, of the ACES emulation LUTs developed by Geoff Boyle of CML and Nick Shaw of Antler Post with the cooperation of the NSC and Netherlands Film Academy.

There LUT’s are for use in a non-ACES on set environment to enable non-ACES productions to have the advantages of an ACES workflow.

The LUT’s are designed to take the log output of many commonly used cameras and reproduce the ACES look on a standard Rec709 monitor. In post, the standard IDT’s & ODT’s can be used with no LUT and replicate the look during shooting.

These were originally posted on ACESCentral here LUT's that emulate the ACES workflow

Many thanks to Geoff and Nick for this epic post!


(from Geoff Boyle) Here are two versions of these LUT’s, one with normal contrast and one with contrast reduced to 0.85, this lower contrast is my personal choice.

(from Nick Shaw) I am compiling a table of which version of the LUTs I have confirmed is appropriate for various LUT devices.

Here is my initial list:

(from Geoff Boyle) I’ve added in camera LUTs for Sony & Varicam

(from Geoff Boyle) I’ve just updated the links in the original post to include a package of LUTs with a lower contrast than normal. 0.85 ( which is my personal favourite. (Nick Shaw adds) The 0.85 contrast versions can be matched in Resolve or Baselight by applying 0.85 contrast, with the default pivot setting of 445 (or 0.435) in ACEScct. It can also be replicated with an ASC CDL adjustment with Slope: 0.85 and Offset: 0.06525.

(from Nick Shaw) have tested a Teradek Bolt 3000 and an AJA LUT box today and added them to the list:

(from Nick Shaw) And as a bonus freebie, here is a simple drag-and-drop Automator app for OS X which will convert a 33^3 LUT to 17^3 for LUT devices which require that:
It’s not a robust universal converter, so no guarantees it will work with other LUTs, but it works with my ACES sets.

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