Mari ACES problem

I am trying to find a solution to have the worflow in mari in ACES, but it is so …:poop: Someone can give me some advices?.. I watched so many tuto but…no

  • I converted my EXR with PYCO in ACES:

Thank you for your help!

I have already answered on Discord but I’m also going to do it here.

First from an additional screenshot you posted it seems you are not using the right IDT for your map.
Being an EXR it should be Utility - Linear - sRGB instead of Utility - sRGB - Texture.

And then the pre-converting step is actually not required as Mari handle input color-transformations so you could just have choosen the right IDT when importing your map in Mari.

If it can help you I made a guide of how you could work in Mari with the ACES config: