Matching RED in ACES to Camera Metadata in RedWideGamut/BT1885

Hello everyone! I’ve been doing some research and have an issue that I’m not quite understanding. We have been given camera original files for a series and are pulling vfx in ACES. The looks session with the DPs wont happen for another 2 months, but VFX are starting. The workflow we are doing is to process the R3d clips in ACES and send EXRs to VFX without an ODT applied. The VFX team is then applying a rec709 ODT to do a moajority of work (and confirming it later in p3 1000 nit before delivery), however they are noticing the EXR we are giving them is more saturated than the editorial proxy samples. Upon investigating we see that the proxies were made with the camera metadata baked in which was REDWideGamutRGB and a gamma curve of BT1885 which is more drab than our EXRs. There is a concern that when the sample vfx are sent back to editorial everyone is going to freak out that the color isnt exact. We know we dont have any control over IDT with RED, but is there any way to get my starting point in ACES closer to their default camera metadata? We have made a lut to pull back saturation to get it closer but this lut does not work for every shot perfectly. Is there something we are missing in our workflow?

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Hi Martin,
Welcome to ACESCentral and thanks for your first post. Looking forward to hearing people’s suggestions to address your workflow question.


Steve Tobenkin
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